Kennecott: New Van Dyke Browns

After taking several months off from the darkroom to focus my energy in some new and exciting directions, I’ve recently started printing some of the other material created during my residency at the Wrangell Mountains […]

Visualizing Summer: Solargraphs

After a long time off from blogging, I’m returning to share a photograph that literally took the entire summer to make.  Taken from outside my porch window, this image captures everything outside from June 21st […]

Cyanotypes on the Chatanika River

Recently, I have realized how much I need to make art (and the process of artmaking) part of my weekly – if not daily – routine.  The years I spent in graduate school spoiled me, […]

On Tour: Stories Fading Fast

The last two months have been a bit of a whirlwind for me.  Stories Fading Fast opened at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage earlier this month to rave reviews, amazing press and wonderful attendance – […]