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Visualizing Childhood Memories…

Visualizing Childhood Memories… When reflecting on the memories of our childhood, some of the most treasured memories are those that come from the traditional family road trip. Collectively, the hundreds of miles that stream past […]

Living Light

Living Light Rusting metal, rotting wood and the slight hint of grease and oil in the air: these elements tangibly define the mines and dredges of Alaska’s Tanana Valley. Forgotten, ignored and neglected, these relics […]


Skookum Alaska. Towering glaciers, noble peaks, enchanting flora and plentiful fauna — all of these have been rendered in the idyllic perfection of a trillion photographs over the years. Captured in the silver grains and […]

Stories Fading Fast

Stories Fading Fast: Capturing the Remnants of the Alaska Gold Rush Hidden within the thick boreal forests of Alaska lie the overgrown remnants of the abandoned mines, dredges and Gold Rush communities that define our […]

Emblem and Artifice

Emblem and Artifice: Withered Symbols of the War 1945. In a world ravaged by the Second World War, wounds ran deep. Seemingly permanent, the trauma inflicted and lessons learned from this global conflict were etched […]