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Exciting news about my series of work focusing on Alaska mining history – Stories Fading Fast will be coming back to Alaska this August! It will be part of a special solo exhibition at the University of Alaska’s Museum of the North and housed in an exciting new gallery space in the front of the museum. I’ll feature at least 17 diptych sets of this series, which are all printed in the Van Dyke Brown process.

Photo Credit Left: awuy322 from Flicker Middle Image: M. King from Flicker. Attribution Links available at bottom of blog – covered by Creative Commons.

Attribution link for: awuy322 (license link) and M. King (license link). Thank you!

Given that April is “Breakup season” in Fairbanks, I’ve opted to scour Flickr’s CC resources for pictures of the Museum rather than trekking to UAF’s West Ridge to take a muddy, slush-filled picture of the museum.

This upcoming solo exhibition of Stories Fading Fast provides an excellent opportunity for residents of Interior Alaska to see this series — it’s the best iteration of the series yet (all reprinted, re-edited, matted and framed in October of 2016) and is the first time in nearly three years that it has been featured locally. On top of that, it will be on display from August until November, providing a large window for viewing opportunities.  Once we get closer to the opening in late summer, I’ll share more details on this exciting opportunity!

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